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What people have said!

Dinner at our accomodation was superb. We were treated to a marvellous dinner with apple tart and custard for pudding.

Wayne Brown The Hutchins School England Cricket Tour:

What people have said!

I absolutely loved staying at the Dorney Centre

Sarah Perceval 'Sage in Residence' 2015

What people have said!

Working for the Eton Dorney centre equipped me with many skills and values, scaffolding me for life and my subsequent career as a teacher.

Julie Scammell (Woods) worked there during gap year

What people have said!

Best time of our lives

Colin and Rosemary Morton Wardens 1990 - 1998
Vicarage British Hstory
Picture courtesy of British History Online

The Old Vicarage is a Grade II listed building. The building is listed under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) act 1900 for its special architectural or historic interest.

Dorney Parish Eton College Project.

Started in 1972 to provide holidays for underprivileged children run by Dorney Parish, Eton College and The Diocese of Oxford.

Eton Dorney Centre

The Centre closed in 2016.

Eton Dorney Centre to close after 44 years - Maidenhead Advertiser

Local newspapers report on the closure.


  • Used as a place for various church youth groups who came from around the country for respite stays and holidays.
  • In 1990's four groups of  children who were affected by the Chernobyl disaster were guests at the centre.
  • For many years groups from Hackney stayed a week at a time during the summer holidays..
  • Children from Oxford came to stay during the Easter and Summer holidays organised and staffed by Oxford University Students.
  • The Centre staff also entertained local Senior Citizens by providing lunches and outings.

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  • This building is listed under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990
    as amended for its special architectural or historic interest.

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Ex-Chairman Mr. John Wood-Dow of the Project

 â€œIt was a hard decision to come to, to wind down operations but we could not longer justify the upkeep of the building, especially as the primary purpose it was set up for is no longer as relevant. It has done some fantastic work over the last 40 years and everyone who has been involved should be really proud.”

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Did we make a difference?

     Tim Wilson with Hackney kids

Chernobyl children

A group


So many children stayed at the Centre over the years. Nine individual or couples became wardens during that time. Each brought something new and provided a place where children could feel relaxed and safe. All helped by willing assistants along with boys from Eton College who assisted with holidays for children from Hackney, East London. We also catered for adults including Australian rowers competing in the Olympics. Groups that came to the Centre included children from Oxford organised by Exeter and Lincoln Colleges. Church Youth Groups, Schools and Social Service training courses. Each month we also provided a meal and outings for the local senior citizens.

More recently the Wisdom Project has been hosted at the centre, a scheme set up by the trustees to bring together young people of different faiths and backgrounds to foster inter-faith understanding.

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"I recall that on one visit a girl fell and knocked her head which proved to be of greater concern to the leaders than her but within a short period of time you had arranged a visit by the Queen's doctor to reassure everyone. "

Michael Holt, St. Peter's Earley.

"Most important thing was the people I made friends with, who were kind, thoughtful, sincere and generous. I remember playing games in the evening, joking and laughing at each other, then I understood an English sense of humour." – Ludmila, Belarusian Interpreter


"Sad to know that that it's all a thing of the past though but I know that countless lives were touched through the provision of the Eton Dorney Centre and that is priceless."

– Julie Scammell (Woods)

"I know that so many young people found their wings at the Dorney centre, it was a very special place with a very special atmostphere."

– Sarah Perceval / Sage in Residence

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